Imatest Collimator Fixture

February 1, 2019
June 5, 2024


Test your imaging system at distances up to infinity within the limited space of a test lab. The Collimator Fixture is configurable to your working distances and fields of view with an adjustable lens-to-chart distance, interchangeable collimating lenses, and charts. This relay lens system for simulating large test distances in a compact space is ideal for R&D. Download PDF Info Sheet

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The Imatest Collimator Fixture integrates with our LED Light Panels, sizes C through G (sold separataely).

Included with the Fixture:

  • Joystick and computer-control interface for automatic positioning using four motorized stages.
  • Storage and recall of device positions.

Not included: Light Panel and test chart


  • Entrance pupil diameter of device under test must be less than or equal to the exit pupil size of the collimating lens.
  • Camera needs to be aligned precisely with the optical axis of the collimator.

Size: 951mm long x 1300mm wide x 797mm high (37.44″ long x 51.18 wide x 31.38 high), depending on required panel distance.

The Imatest Collimator Fixture long range testing system requires the following items (sold separately)

Collimating Lens Options

Lens Wavelength FOV Exit Pupil Size Virtual Object Distance
CL736i Visible 70° 15mm (0.59″) 400mm (15.75″) – Infinity
CL921e Visible 90° 4.5mm (0.18″) 400mm (15.75″) – Infinity
CL1021i Visible 100° 4.5mm (0.18″) 400mm (15.75″) – Infinity
CL1223i Visible 120° 4.5mm (0.18″) 350mm (13.78″) – Infinity
CL825IR IR (850nm, 940nm) 80° 4mm (0.20″) 400mm (15.75″) – Infinity
CL921IR IR (850nm, 940nm) 90° 4.5mm (0.18″) 400mm (15.75″) – Infinity


Light Source Size Options

Light Panel Size Illumination
C 432mm x 305mm
(17.01″ x 12.01″)

Select from:

Visible: 100 – 1000 lux

3100K, 4100K, 5100K, or 6500K

NIR: 2 ~ 20 W/m2 

850nm or 940nm

D 610mm x 432mm
(24.02″ x 17.01″)
E 907mm x 540mm
(35.71″ x 21.26″)
F 907mm x 680mm
(35.71″ x 26.77″)
G 1225mm x 680mm
(48.23 x  26.77″)


Test Chart

Imatest eSFR-ISO Test Chart mounted for the appropriate light source size.