Imatest Electronic Imaging 2024 Recap

Test Lab Services Drone Comparison

Imatest was consulted with by Skydio to provide an independent objective comparison of different manufacturers. Our focus was on critical aspects […]

2023 Imatest Year in Review

This year has been a milestone for Imatest. We’ve introduced an array of innovative products, software, and services, thanks to […]

Imatest release new version Imatest 23.2

Including support for the 2023 “slanted star” revision of the ISO 12233 resolution standard, improved stray light, and improved dynamic […]

Uniform Reflectance Targets

These targets provide spectrally neutrality and diffuse Lambertian reflectance for camera uniformity testing. Available in a range of sizes for […]

Virtual Visit to Imatest’s Booth at Autosens Brussels 2023

At Autosens Brussels 2023, Imatest demonstrated the Imatest Benchtop Test Stand-Stray Light/Target Projector Version. Norman Koren, founder of Imatest, presented […]

Call for Participation in Perceptual Image Quality Research

The IEEE P1858 standard for Camera Phone Image Quality has produced two revisions of its Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) […]

Correlating the Performance of Computer Vision Algorithms with Objective Image Quality Metrics

by Henry Koren 1. Why care about the quality of your cameras? The task of computer vision (CV) involves analyzing […]

Imatest not vulnerable to Apache log4j security compromise

Security researchers disclosed the following vulnerabilities in the Apache Log4j Java logging library: CVE-2021-44228: Apache Log4j2 JNDI features do not […]

Test Chart Life Span

 Best storage practices would be in a clean, dark, dry area at (~ 23°C / 72°F) or below.  Exposure to UV will break […]

How to compute resolution in TV Lines (TVL)

Television Lines (TVL) are derived from the EIA 1956 testing standard, where they are defined as the number of light and […]

Interactive vs. Auto(Batch) Analyses

Imatest has two types of analysis module: Fixed (in the left-most column of the main window) and Interactive (in the second column). Fixed modules require that […]

Imatest Releases Version 2021.1

Imatest Version 2021.1 adds several new features to Imatest Master and Imatest IT, including edge tracking during live focusing, alignment […]

Calculating Exposure Quality Loss per IEEE CPIQ v2

For more about Imatest’s CPIQ support click here

Imatest Releases Version 2020.2

Imatest Version 2020.2 adds several new features to Imatest Master and Imatest IT, including Improvements in Calculation Speed, Uniformity Statistics […]

Obtaining Uniform Flat-Field Images

When measuring uniformity, in order to minimize cosine falloff in imaging systems with wider field of view lenses, it is […]

Some Imatest calculations up to v5.1 inappropriately averaged zeros with summary metrics

Problem Certain imatest calculations in version 5.1 and below produced zeros when the calculation was not determined. These zero values […]

5.2 MacOS Mojave system freezes during file operations

On some MacOS systems, the 5.2 Imatest release has an issue where the system temporarily freezes for under 60 seconds […]

Which Imatest Charts Support Automatic Detection?

Using testing charts (also known as targets) improves the efficiency and repeatability of your testing workflow. Imatest offers several charts […]

Connectivity requirements for online or floating license activation

In order to perform online license activation or to use a floating license, Imatest needs to be able to perform […]