Transmissive Chart Quality Comparison

Imatest currently sells several transmissive (backlit) test charts, which have a range of substrates, each with specific properties and qualities […]

Visit us at Electronic Imaging 2014 Feb 2-8

The week before the conference, we invite you to join us for our two day Imatest Training Class taught by […]

Silicon Valley Presentation & Demo October 23

This event is passed.  Thanks for your interest.   We’ll be back in Silicon Valley early next year for Electronic […]

INI file corruption issue – How to reset Imatest INI file

Imatest does not support international characters in file name paths.  Using files with international characters will corrupt the Imatest INI […]

Imatest IT in multi-threaded and multi-process environments

Imatest IT uses the Matlab runtime library which is a single-threaded routine that is not thread-safe. If your tester application […]

Imatest Asia Trip – February-March 2013

This event is past, thank you if you participated.  If you missed us, please try to catch us in Shanghai […]

Imatest 3.9 Released

Imatest 3.9 was released on December 14th 2012.   Please contact for purchase or renewal information. Here is a […]

December 2012 Newsletter

Imatest 3.9 Released New features include: Support for high-speed manufacturing testing in the Imatest IT version Flat screen display testing […]

Selecting SFR edge regions based on field distance

Some customers need to select regions based on a specified center-to-corner distance. This can be done using an Edge ID […]

SFRplus – Selecting regions based on Center-to-corner distance

Some customers need to select regions based on specified center-to-corner distance. The objective of this is to match up the […]

SFRplus Quadrants

The chart corner quadrants are defined as follows: Quadrants of the SFRplus chart In the table below, the center square is […]

Slanted-Edge SFR Saturation

The following (Rescharts) SFRplus results shows the edge (unnormalized) and MTF results for one region near the center of the […]

Measuring the Effects of Tilt

Summary: The physical lens-to-sensor tilt angle is difficult to measure from images, but the effects of tilt on image quality are […]

December 2011 Newsletter: CPIQ Dot Pattern, 4:1 Contrast Charts

Imatest Supports I3A Camera Phone Image Quality Standards Imatest now has strong support for I3A (International Imaging Industry Association) CPIQ (Camera Phone Image […]

Skype Recommends Imatest For Video Quality Testing

Update You can find the latest Skype/Lync standards documents here: The Skype Hardware Certification Specifications version 5.0 recommends imatest for […]

Imatest 3.8 Released

Imatest 3.8 was released on May 14th 2011.   Please contact for purchase or renewal information. Here is a complete list […]

Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR) versions

Imatest requires installation Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR) in order to run. Different versions of Imatest depend on different versions of the library […]

Advances in Testing Infrared Camera Systems

New infrared test charts and analysis software modernize testing of infrared cameras Once viewed as exotic devices, infrared camera systems […]

Path conflicts when other versions of Matlab are installed

X   The procedure entry point svDoubleSclarRemW could not be located in the dynamic link library libmwservices.dll If a different version […]

April 2010 Newsletter

Now Available – Infrared Test Charts Imatest’s new Infrared SFRplus test charts support testing of visible light through Medium Wavelength […]