Imatest 3.10 Released

October 1, 2013
April 6, 2020

The release of version 3.10 of Imatest brings a host of improvements to make image quality testing faster and more relevant to advances in cameras. Look for performance, stability, interface and measurement improvements across the board as well as some excellent new modules and features.

New Features:

  • An Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)  module has been added to measure OIS effectiveness using images of the SFRplus chart. This module compares three images: unshaken, shaken without OIS, and shaken with OIS. It can also be used to compare SFRplus images from different imaging systems.
  • The new Multitest module can analyze all of the color and grayscale charts supported by the interactive Multicharts module in a non-interactive mode that allows batch runs. (Multitest was called ColorTest in early 3.10 releases.)
  • Five existing Rescharts modules─ Random (which supports the new “Spilled Coins” texture chart), Log FContrast, Wedge, Star (Siemens), and Any Image Sharpness  ─ are now available as non-interactive modules that can be run in batches.
  • New hue and saturation displays have been added to the Multicharts color accuracy, tonal response and noise modules.
  • The new Random/Dead Leaves module provides stronger support for Dead Leaves-type texture charts, particularly for the new Imatest Spilled Coins chart, which is more uniform and has better scale-invariance resulting in more consistent measurements for different image sizes.

Software Improvements:

  • SFR and SFRplus slanted-edge MTF measurements run twice as fast as version 3.9.
  • The blemish detection feature runs up to 40% faster than version 3.9. Downsampling can be selected for images over 5 megapixels. This improves speed by another 30% and greatly reduces memory usage with only a tiny reduction in precision.
  • We’ve made our SFRplus distortion and field of view calculations more accurate and robust and a radial distortion plot has been added, allowing for more precise testing of fisheye lenses and the like.
  • Settings windows have been enhanced for most analysis modules with clearer, more consistent layout and colors for ease of use. Expert or simplified modes can be selected in SFR, SFRplus, Stepchart, and Colorcheck.
  • Auto reloads on the SFR/SFRplus Edge/MTF plot in the Imatest Image Sensor (IS) edition have been improved to make them faster and nearly unbreakable.
  • The added ability to control Imatest with files other than the default (imatest.ini) is valuable for testing control files for Imatest IT. Simply click Select INI File in the INI File Settings drop down or the Manage Settings window.

To upgrade to Imatest 3.10, please purchase a renewal online or contact

For a complete list of changes see our Change Log.


Recommended System Configuration

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8 / 7   64bit
Macintosh with virtual machine (native mac version coming soon)
RAM: 8GB.  (Note: 64 bit operating is necessary to access over 3GB of RAM)
Hard Drive: 500 megabytes
Screen Resolution: 1024x768

Imatest will run on windows XP 32 bit but due to the memory limitations you may not be able to test a high-megapixel camera

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