Imatest 3.9 Released

January 1, 2013
April 7, 2020

Imatest 3.9 was released on December 14th 2012.   Please contact for purchase or renewal information.

Here is a complete list of changes:

Imatest main window: Explore image file folder and Explore recent save folder have been added to the File dropdown. INI File Settings have been given their own dropdown to minimize clutter. Explore INI file folder has been added. The INI file Editor (useful for fixing errors and for setting up INI files for the Functional Interface and IT) has been greatly enhanced.

Most modules: Dialog boxes for selecting new regions and repeating regions for same-size images have been greatly improved, with clearer instructions and options for lightening and (where appropriate) zooming the image. The last image file name is saved and displayed in the File select dialog box (a time-saver for repeated runs). Region settings for several image sizes are now saved for most modules (except for SFR and SFRplus). JSON output has been added (in addition to XML and CSV).

Raw file support has been greatly strengthened (dialog boxes are somewhat changed).

Multicharts supports the following charts: general mxn gridSMPTE/Hale color barsImage Engineering TE226DSClabs DreamCatcher 48, and Image Science Associates ColorGauge.Multicharts noise analysis has been extended to include several types of chroma noise as well as image sensor noise (from raw files). The Color correction matrix has improved linearization options (based on measured tonal response), and a file for weighting patches (for the matrix optimization) can be entered. The 3D Color difference display now includes split colors, making it very convenient to correlate ΔC and ΔE measurements with perceived color differences.

Multicharts and Stepchart support the Imatest 36-patch Dynamic Range chart, which is available in the Imatest Store.

Blemish Detect detects light (and both dark and light) blemishes in addition to the standard dark blemishes. It can perform nearly all functions of Uniformity. Third order exponential filtering (exp(-x3)) can be selected. Contiguous blemishes are counted (not just total blemish pixels) and can be displayed in the Blemish count plot. Additional display options show blemish regions more clearly. 

SFRplus can run without the top and bottom distortion bars (select Auto- no bars in the Rows box).The Field of View calculation has been improved (particularly for distorted images). Rejection of interfering patterns outside the chart has been greatly improved. Additional region selection options include the Skype specification (3 regions) and custom regions specified by an Edge ID file

SFR and SFRplus: Several rise distances in addition to 10-90% (e.g., 20-80%) can be calculated. The Image or Image & Geometry display has a crop to ROI feature the displays an enlarged region with edge and MTF plots below, providing an excellent visual correlation between appearance and measurements.

Log F-Contrast: The MTF/contrast 2D contour plot is more strongly smoothed for improved readability and accuracy.

Uniformity (formerly Light Falloff): Extra smoothing option greatly improves contour plots. Hot and dead pixel thresholds can be specified by percentage above or below neighboring pixels (in addition to absolute levels). An Optical Center calculation has been added.

Test Charts: The 12-patch ISO-14524 OECF chart, revised low-contrast (4:1) ISO-12233 edge chart, SVG checkerboard, and 36-patch Dynamic Range chart (for reference; not printing) have been added.

New web pages: Skype video specification support | Validating the Imatest slanted-edge calculation

IT/DLL (Industrial Testing – non-GUI version) can now receive images (raw or processed) directly from the calling program and pass detailed results back to the calling program via easy-to-parseJSON objects. Pass/Fail criteria can be entered (most useful for production testing, but available in GUI versions). Detailed IT Online documentation, including INI file references, is available.

Changes released in other versions are available on our Changelog