Optical Research Associates Case Study

December 26, 2008
April 8, 2020

Imatest partners with ORA to deliver customized charts and software

ORA Finds Imatest Charts and Software to be Just the Right Medicine In medicine, seeing the problem requires clarity. Is that blemish part of the imaging system, or an early-stage tumor? Companies on the forefront of medical diagnosis systems know that image quality is paramount to the success of any new product. So, when one of the world leaders in medical imaging needed help, they turned to the combined team of Optical Research Associates (ORA), one of the most respected optics consulting companies in the world, and Imatest, the leader in image quality testing.

“As part of a major product development project, our client needed a way to thoroughly and quickly test the imaging quality of their new skin cancer detection system.” said Mark Kahan, chief electro-optical systems engineer at ORA “We immediately thought of Imatest and were delighted to learn of their latest software feature, SFRplus, which automates much of the image testing process. We could see that our client could speed time to market by adopting SFRplus, but we needed a customized test chart and software that would work within our client’s unique testing environment. Imatest was able to deliver both within weeks.”

After a short discussion with ORA, Norman Koren, Imatest founder and chief technology officer, was able to design a version of Imatest’s SFRplus test chart that met the needs of ORA’s client. “Once we understood which image quality factors needed to be assessed in their development process, I could see it was possible to design a custom SFRplus chart that worked within the constraints of their testing environment. After that, it was a straightforward task to customize our software to work with the new chart.” Koren said.

The results were dramatic: not only was ORA’s client able to more accurately assess the image quality of their new product, they were able to do so many times faster.


About ORA ORA is the world’s leading developer of optical design software, CODE V(R) and LightTools(R), and is the largest independent supplier of optical design and engineering services, with more than 4,000 completed projects since the Company was founded in 1963.