Pelco is Secure Using Imatest to Manage Image Quality

November 30, 2008
April 8, 2020

In the world of video security systems, a picture is worth a thousand words, but only if the picture is sharp, crisp, and has deep contrasts. It is an industry so intolerant of doubt and shades of gray that it depends on software to achieve precision, clarity and resolution.

Pelco, the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video and security systems, has long understood the software component in the image quality equation, which is why it has relied on Imatest software and testing products for years. Imatest’s digital image testing products enable Pelco engineers to quickly evaluate alternative imaging system components and deliver quality with confidence. “Because Imatest software supports nearly every image quality test, using standard algorithms and test charts, we applied it to help us deliver the optimum configuration of components,” says David Campbell, Pelco Senior Optical Engineer.

Like many digital imaging system manufacturers, Pelco manufactures hundreds of products every day – products that must meet customer expectations and the company’s exacting quality standards. So when Imatest IT (industrial testing) was released, Pelco realized it was the most cost-effective way to ensure that the high-quality designs from its laboratories were delivered in its manufacturing process. “Operators on the manufacturing line needed to be able to test complex image quality factors in the products coming off the line. Imatest IT is the answer,” Campbell says.

Nell Papavasiliou, Camera Optics Engineer at Pelco, spearheaded a trial project to integrate Imatest IT into the manufacturing process at Pelco’s world headquarters in Clovis, CA. “I don’t have a strong background in software development, but it was a straightforward process for me to integrate Imatest IT into our manufacturing system. I wrote a few lines of C# and that was all it took,” Papavasiliou says.

Pelco management says that with the success of the California trial, the company is moving forward with Imatest and Imatest IT for other manufacturing lines to deliver a new level of quality control.


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