The Operator Console: Open Source GUI for Imatest IT

Update: Starting in Imatest 4.5, a pre-built, ready-to-run version of the Operator Console now ships with all Imatest IT Windows installations, allowing users to take advantage of the simplicity of the Operator Console without writing a single line of code. It can be found in the /samples/OperatorConsole directory.


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Pelco is Secure Using Imatest to Manage Image Quality

In the world of video security systems, a picture is worth a thousand words, but only if the picture is sharp, crisp, and has deep contrasts. It is an industry so intolerant of doubt and shades of gray that it depends on software to achieve precision, clarity and resolution.

Pelco, the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video and security systems, has long understood the software component in the image quality equation, which is why it has relied on Imatest software and testing products for years. (more…)

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