December 2011 Newsletter: CPIQ Dot Pattern, 4:1 Contrast Charts

Imatest Supports I3A Camera Phone Image Quality Standards

Dot patternImatest now has strong support for I3A (International Imaging Industry Association) CPIQ (Camera Phone Image Quality) standards, including Lateral Chromatic Aberration and Distortion (in the new Dot Pattern module), Color Uniformity, and Acutance. Read more about Imatest’s I3A CPIQ Support.


The Dot Pattern module analyzes images of a dot pattern target (a Cartesian grid of circular dots) and estimates the optical distortion, SMIA-TV distortion, and the lateral chromatic aberration using the I3A CPIQ phase 2 standard methodology. (more…)

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Skype Recommends Imatest For Video Quality Testing


You can find the latest Skype/Lync standards documents here:

The Skype Hardware Certification Specifications version 5.0 recommends imatest for sharpness testing.

You can find us mentioned on pagees 23, 85, 86

For Acuity testing, Skype recommends our SFRplus test chart, 24X40″, 5X7, semi-gloss, black&white, 2-tone

For >1.5m depth of field testing, Skype recommends our SFRplus test chart, 40X60″, 5X7, semi-gloss, black&white, 2-tone

The skype certification test charts are available for purchase in the Imatest Store.

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Imatest 3.8 Released

Imatest 3.8 was released on May 14th 2011.   Please contact for purchase or renewal information.

Here is a complete list of changes:

I3A CPIQ (Camera Phone Image Quality) enhancements: The Dot Pattern module has been added for analyzing distortion and lateral chromatic aberration (LCA). The Dot pattern and ISO-15739 charts have been added to Test Charts. The CPIQ Acutance measurement (similar to SQF) has been added to SFR and SFRplus. The CPIQ color uniformity metric (ΔCmax) has been added to Light Falloff and Uniformity Interactive.

Noise analysis has been added to Multicharts. Support for extremely distorted SFRplus charts has been improved.

Changes released in other versions are available on our Changelog

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Microsoft Lync Logo selects Imatest

Imatest is the standard test software used in the recently published Microsoft USB peripheral requirements specification entitled “Optimized for Microsoft Lync Logo”, which can be downloaded here.

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