Imatest Magnetic Chart Mounting System

January 26, 2024
March 21, 2024


The Imatest Magnetic Chart Mounting System includes a fixture, the Freestanding Chart Holder, that integrates with Magnetic Chart Holder Plates. This system allows you to easily display and exchange test targets, and it supports up to three Magnetic Chart Holder Plates.

Purchase new targets mounted on ePanel with magnetic backing for easy integration with this system. See details on our Chart Mounting Solutions page.

For your existing targets, we offer small and large magnetic chart backing, which can be pre-cut to the size of your target.

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The Imatest Magnetic Chart Holder integrates with the Imatest Modular Test Stand, Benchtop Test Stand, and Freestanding Wide Field of View fixture. The magnetic chart holder can be used for testing or for chart storage. Imatest provides charts mounted on 6mm ePanel (dibond) with an option for magnetic backing to be added. This allows you to move charts into position quickly and to swap various test patterns in and out.

The Magnetic chart holder features a grid with 10mm spacing and numbered indicators every 50mm. The grid also includes concentric circles to aid in finding the center of the grid. The included digital angle finder allows you to easily check and change the angle of your chart.

New charts can be ordered mounted with magnetic backing. Your existing mounted charts can have magnetic backing added.  Please contact with your existing chart SKU(s) and sizes and we can custom-cut magnetic backing that you can add.

Imatest Magnetic Chart Holder Features

  • Rigid steel plate with black-oxide coating
  • Laser engraved positioning grid
  • Easily integrates with Imatest fixtures or 40x80mm aluminum extrusions
  • For use with mounted charts with magnetic backing
  • Ability to hold Isolight Pucks or other magnetic hardware
  • Included digital angle finder


Specifications  Details
Mounting Plate Weight:  18.3 Kg (40 lbs)
Stand Weight: 9.3 Kg (25 lbs)
Mounting Plate Dimensions:  665 x 500 x 6 mm
(26.18” x 19.69” x 0.24”)
Stand Dimensions: 620 x 509 x 1960.5 mm
(24.41” x 20” x 77.19”)
Grid Pattern:  10mm Spacing with number indicators every 50mm
Mounting Pattern:  40 x 350 mm Countersunk for M8 Flathead Screws
Maximum Recommended Chart Size:  1513 mm x 850.8 mm (59.6” x 33.5”)
Material:  A36 / Ferrous Mild Steel with Black Oxide Coating
Digital Angle Finder Resolution:  0.1 degrees
Digital Angle Finder Accuracy:  ± 0.2 degrees