Ensuring consistent image quality across many lenses and field-of-views.

Imatest combines the best products available for a complete test lab solution to accurately measure key image quality factors of Interchangeable Lens Camera systems. Our software, test charts, and equipment facilitate precise and repeatable testing so you can confidently compare camera system quality across a variety of lenses.






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Interchangeable Lens Camera - Image Quality Analysis

Analyze Key Image Quality Factors

Imatest Master software analyzes over 30 popular test charts with various features for sharpness, color, tone, noise, and dynamic range. It automatically recognizes the key features and delivers accurate measurements to easily understand the quality of your system. Some of the most important image quality factors that our software will test are:



Reliable Test Charts

Our test charts provide accurate results for key image quality factors. They are up to date with the latest standards and industry trends. We produce our charts with the highest quality print technology and are continually reviewing processes to improve chart quality and software algorithms. Our charts are produced in many sizes and on a variety of substrates including photographic, film and chrome on glass to accommodate your system requirements. Suitable test charts for testing Interchangeable Lens Cameras include:

High-resolution lens testing: 

Color testing and correction:

Tonal response, noise, and dynamic range:

Sharpness, chromatic aberration, and distortion:

Veiling glare / flare:

Streamline your test process with our multi-feature charts, eSFR ISO and SFRplus to measure multiple image quality factors with one chart. Custom design and sizes are available. Contact us at sales@imatest.com.

Interchangeable Lens Camera - Image Quality Test Charts



Standard Compliance

Imatest software and charts meet several ISO compliance requirements including:

  • ISO 12233 standard for  photography and electronic still picture imaging, resolution and spatial frequency
  • ISO 12232 for ISO, speed rating, standard output sensitivity, and recommended exposure index
  • ISO 15739: Noise and dynamic range
  • ISO 14524: Tone curve OECF standard
  • ISO 17850: Geometric distortion
  • ISO 17957: Uniformity/shading measurements
  • ISO 18844: Flare
  • ISO 19084: Chromatic displacement

For more details about ISO standards and a complete list of ISO standards Imatest software meets, refer here




Expert Tested Light Sources

Our lightboxes for backlit targets and reflective lighting can produce stable uniform illumination across a wide range of intensities and spectra. Suitable light sources include:



Interchangeable Lens Camera - Image Quality Light Solutions 



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