Uniformity measurements indicate an imaging system’s tendency to become darker away from the center of the image. This is due to the radial nature of the lens which collects more light in the center. It can be particularly strong with wide angle lenses. Testing for uniformity requires a flat-field test, or uniform light source.

Basic Information

The Artograph LED Lightbox provides a bright, cool, and evenly illuminated surface.

The LightPad is excellent for MTF measurements (SFRplus, eSFR ISO, etc.), but it is not recommended for critical color or dynamic range measurements.

The ITI LED Lightbox produces uniform light with excellent spectral characteristics that can be adjusted over a wide range of brightness for illuminating transparency test charts.

ITI Lightboxes are our best selling unit for uniformity testing.

IQL LED Lightboxes are guaranteed to be within strict adherence to ISO standards.

They are well-suited for high uniformity measurements like luminance/color shading and dynamic range.

Unprecedented Resolution and Accuracy – 32 Discrete LED Wavelengths Covering Visible and NIR lighting.

Built in integrating sphere for extreme uniformity





Illuminant Color Temperature

  • 5500K – 6500K
  • 6500K
  • 5600K
  • 5000K
  • 4000K
  • 3200K
  • 3000K
  • 2700K
  • 3100K
  • 4100K
  • 5100K
  • 5500K
  • Powerful Synthesis Engine – Simulate any CIE Illuminant or Macbeth™ / X-RITE™ Color Patch
  • 1,900K – 40,000K

Light output LUX

9,000 LUX

30-100,000 Lux

10-40,000 Lux

30-95,000 Lux (spectrum dependent)

Viewing Area

  • 152x229mm (6×9″)
  • 229x305mm (9×12″)
  • 305 x 432mm (12×17″)
  • 432 x 610mm (17×24″)
  • 254x280mm (10×11″)
  • 75mm (3″) Dia. Viewing port
  • Ultra wide 180° FoV option

System Dimensions W x H x D

  • 213x288x12mm (8.4×11.3x.5″)
  • 288x365x12mm (11.3×14.4x.5″)
  • 365x492x12mm (14.4×19.4x.5″)
  • 492x678x12mm (19.4×26.7x.5″)
  • 400x380x150mm (15.7×14.9×5.9″)
  • 472x384x130mm (18.6×15.1×5.1″)
  • 460x405x305mm (18.1×15.8×12″)



Bluetooth wireless or USB controls

Wireless control via provided Android Device

Integrate into custom software test suites via a custom API.

Proprietary software control: Contains Full Spectral Calibration and Handles Spectral Fitting, Preset Storage, and Real-time Optical Feedback

Image/Quality Factors

Dynamic Range     |     Uniformity     


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