Infrared Targets

Standard Imatest inkjet-printed test charts produced prior to February 2016 work in Near InfraRed (NIR) wavelengths out to approximately 1 micron.

In February 2016 we upgraded our printers and found (to our disappointment) that our new printers do not have the same reflective densities for NIR wavelengths as for visible wavelengths. We are working out solutions to this issue. Please contact us if your needs include NIR.

Our specialized Infrared targets support testing in short and medium wavelengths(3-5 microns) and long wavelengths (8-15 microns) where they can produce adequate contrast to effectively test a range of infrared camera systems. 

These test charts include high resolution slanted-edges that can measure sharpness variations across the entire image sensor. The targets support analysis of other key IR image quality factors, including noise and distortion.

The target size is 61cm x 91cm (2′ x 3′). Larger sizes are available upon request. Learn more about our infrared testing abilities and visit our store to purchase.