Imatest provides customers with software, charts and equipment to meet and exceed image quality testing standards.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Imatest has been a leader in image quality testing for over 12 years. We provide companies with the right tools for testing their cameras and image capture technology. Whether it's still shots or video, visible light or infrared, Imatest has helped a variety of industries, including mobile, medical, and automotive with research, development, and manufacturing.

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Understand the image quality factors that matter most to your camera system
Get reliable image quality results throughout R&D and manufacturing
Imatest Master
Test for a variety of image quality factors at once using over 30 popular test charts. Test everything from sharpness, distortion, color, illumination and more.
Imatest Industrial Testing (IT)
Ensure manufacturing outcomes meet product design requirements. Automate analysis modules to efficiently analyze image quality in testing environments.
Imatest Image Sensor
Automatic image acquisition provides real-time analysis of image quality parameters to speed up the testing process. Remove the need to process individual images.
Imatest Ultimate
Integrate Imatest's software library with factory or lab control systems to refine image quality parameters without having to deal with multiple licenses or computers.
Our complete software suite offers you the right tools for the job
Imatest Master


Optimize image quality testing

Imatest Image Sensor


Dynamically load images from a variety of sources

Imatest Ultimate


Refine test settings for real-time results on one license

Imatest Industrial Testing


Ensure outcomes meet design requirements

Imatest IT Parallel


Faster production line testing using fewer resources

Flexible testing solutions for development and production
Every industry has unique image quality factors and applications to consider
Get insights to the image quality factors that matter most to your camera system
Whether you need to test ultra-wide or macro lenses, we've got a testing solution
Test a variety of camera system components including sensors and autofocus
Increase oversight and traceability with solutions for several industry standards
Understand components, modules and standards that are important to your industry testing needs.

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Get in-depth documentation, tips & tricks, technical support and a variety of resources you need for using Imatest.

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We offer several two-day training courses throughout the year for many levels of image engineers.

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Upcoming events

Shooting the Great American Total Solar Eclipse

As predicted by astronomers years in advance, a peculiar cosmic event will occur on the morning of August 21st. Passing directly in front of the sun, the moon will cast a shadow racing across North America at supersonic speeds. From Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, the 70 mile wide shadow will darken everything in […]

North America 2017-08-21

Training Course

San Jose, CA Training Course

Imatest representatives will visit San Jose the week of November 1st to offer a paid 2-day Training Course to professionals using or considering Imatest software to improve their image quality testing processes.

San Jose, CA November 2-3, 2017

Training Course

Shanghai Training Course and Seminar

Imatest representatives will visit Shanghai, China to offer a free information course and two-day training course November 7-9, 2017 to professionals using or considering Imatest software to improve their image quality testing processes.

November 7-9, 2017