Imatest Master

Reinventing the standards for image quality testing

Why bother creating in-house testing software, when Imatest Master handles virtually all image quality testing needs in one tidy software package? Test everything from sharpness and distortion to color and illumination with the various modules included with Master’s software package.

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Imatest IT

Balancing product yield and quality

The Industrial Testing (IT) software package allows for integration of key Imatest Master modules into an existing testing program as software components. IT ensures that you have consistent test results throughout the manufacturing process and detects potential quality problems early on, preventing costly loss further down the line.

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Test Charts

Ensure precision and accuracy

Image quality testing is a field that requires accuracy and reliability. To that end, it’s important that your company uses the right test chart for the imaging equipment that you’re testing. Imatest offers both industry standard charts and proprietary test charts created by our image quality experts to ensure less wasted area and better measurements.

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Test Equipment

Professional grade equipment and software for professional image quality

Whether your company needs a particular piece of photography or testing equipment or you need to assemble an entire test lab, Imatest has the right equipment for the job. From the Isolight measuring tool to color and light meters, we can help make each test image one taken in optimal testing environments.

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Manufacturing Equipment

Advanced production line testing

Imatest has partnered with trusted test equipment providers to create comprehensive manufacturing test solutions. Test components and/or complete devices with a wide variety of manual, semi-automatic and automatic test machines. Capabilities include focus, blemish, electrical, and OIS testing as well as adhesive application and curing.

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Manufacturing Equipment

Other Products

Software for professional photographers

Imatest knows that there is more to image quality testing than cameras and software. We offer products to help both professionals and individuals interested in upping their testing capabilities. Whether you need to test the quality of the chart you print in-house or you want to test the quality of your personal camera collection, Imatest can help.

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