300° Spherical Lighting System

May 1, 2018
February 8, 2024


The ColorSpace LB2 Spherical Lighting System is designed to test uniformity of wide FOV cameras (270 – 300 degree). Designed specifically for image quality testing applications, the sphere is a key tool in industries such as automotive, medical, security surveillance and consumer electronics including 360° cameras and Panorama cameras. Successfully test Wide FOV cameras for shading, color shading, auto exposure, noise, blemish, etc.

Add Camera Mount

  • Standard Mount offers no rotation

  • Auto mount allows rotation


ModelsThe LB2 Spherical Lighting System is available in three models. An optional camera mount works with each model.

  • LB2-S has a single color temperature. Light source options are 2800K/5000K/6500K/IR. 30-10,000 lux (Measured at center of sphere).
  • LB2-D has adjustable color temperature from 2800K – 6500K (Standard). Adjust X1, X10, X100/Step.
  • LB2-HDR has a single color temperature but illuminance 200 to 50,000 lux (10,000 levels).

FOV: 270°-300° (Customizable for higher FOV).

CRI93~96, measured at maximized luminance.

UniformitySpherical space distribution of LED and ball shade diffuser. Up to 200° > 95% uniformity. Greater than 200° > 90% uniformity.

Endosphere Diameter: Standard 20cm (7.87″); can be customized.

Entrance Hole Diameter: Standard 12cm (4.72″); can be customized.

Control Method: Touch Screen / USB.

Dimension: 40cm (15.75″) x 40cm (15.75″) x 36cm (14.17″); i.e., length x width x height

Operation Environment: 15-30°C, Humidity 30-60%.

Optional open API or Control Software (Light Control V2.0 to control luminance and color temperature; support multiple units at once).

An optional camera mount allows you to lower a camera down into the center of the inner sphere. 

Ships from China.

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