300° Spherical Lighting System

May 1, 2018
August 1, 2023


The ColorSpace LB2 Spherical Lighting System is designed to test uniformity of wide FOV cameras (270 – 300 degree). Designed specifically for image quality testing applications, the sphere is a key tool in industries such as automotive, medical, security surveillance and consumer electronics including 360° cameras and Panorama cameras. Successfully test Wide FOV cameras for shading, color shading, auto exposure, noise, blemish, etc.


ModelsThe LB2 Spherical Lighting System is available in three models. An optional camera mount works with each model.

  • LB2-S has a single color temperature. Light source options are 2800K/5000K/6500K/IR. 30-10,000 lux (Measured at center of sphere).
  • LB2-D has adjustable color temperature from 2800K – 6500K (Standard). Adjust X1, X10, X100/Step.
  • LB2-HDR has a single color temperature but illuminance 200 to 50,000 lux (10,000 levels).

FOV: 270°-300° (Customizable for higher FOV).

CRI93~96, measured at maximized luminance.

UniformitySpherical space distribution of LED and ball shade diffuser. Up to 200° > 95% uniformity. Greater than 200° > 90% uniformity.

Endosphere Diameter: Standard 20cm (7.87″); can be customized.

Entrance Hole Diameter: Standard 12cm (4.72″); can be customized.

Control Method: Touch Screen / USB.

Dimension: 40cm (15.75″) x 40cm (15.75″) x 36cm (14.17″); i.e., length x width x height

Operation Environment: 15-30°C, Humidity 30-60%.

Optional open API or Control Software (Light Control V2.0 to control luminance and color temperature; support multiple units at once).

An optional camera mount allows you to lower a camera down into the center of the inner sphere. 

Ships from China.

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