Comprehensive image quality testing.

Test everything from sharpness and distortion to color and illumination with Imatest Master.


5.2 New Features and Enhancements:

5.1 New Features and Enhancements:

  • MTF Compensation: MTF Compensation reduces the impact of the chart on measured imaging system MTF.
  • Geometric Calibration: Imatest produces a geometric calibration from a projective camera model and images of checkerboard patterns.
  • Sony AYA Image Acquisition: Direct image acquisition from Sony sensor development boards through the Sony AYA software tool.
  • Image Processing: Synthetic raw creation/Remosaic: Generate interactive reports to efficiently analyze data outputs.
  • Improved distortion calculation: Checkerboard and SFRplus modules support an enhanced set of distortion models, and provide faster and more accurate distortion coefficient and center of distortion estimations.
  • Temporal noise from multiple files now available in Multicharts and Multitest: Now compliant with ISO 15739‘s temporal noise measurement.

R&D Solutions:  

  • Analyze over 30 popular test charts with different features for color, tone, sharpness, noise and many other image quality factors.
  • Faster, more efficient and more reliable than creating in-house software.
  • Direct image acquisition cuts out several steps in the image quality testing process.
  • Continuous reload and analysis enables real-time viewing of parameter adjustments on various aspects of system performance.
  • Test for a variety of image quality factors at once using SFRplus or eSFR ISO, and reduce the amount of time spent switching between charts

Featured Modules:

  • SFRplus: Assess many image quality factors using one specially designed test chart.
  • eSFR ISO: Assess many image quality factors from enhanced versions of the ISO 12233:2014 test chart.
  • SFR: Inspect any slanted edge feature.
  • Multicharts: Analyze color, tone, and noise from a wide variety of test charts.
  • Rescharts: Evaluates several resolution test charts.
  • Dot Pattern: Measure distortion and lateral chromatic aberration using a dot chart. The calculation is CPIQ-compliant.
  • Even Field Test: Detect blemishes and defective pixels on the sensor and measures color and illumination uniformity.

Sensor Evaluation Boards

  • OnSemi
  • Omnivision
  • Toshiba
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Graphin EasyLab

Capture Interfaces

  • Android
  • DirectShow
  • QuickTime
  • Analog
  • Camera Link
  • GigE Vision
  • DCAM IEEE 1394b
  • Blackmagic Design


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