Ultra-Wide cameras and lenses are becoming increasingly common. Traditional image quality testing is performed with flat planar test targets and does not work for fisheye (highly barrel-distorted) lenses. Imatest offers several methods for testing wide-angle imaging systems.

Pre-distorted Charts

SFRreg Test Chart

Ultra-wide Test Fixture SFR-W8

Basic Information

Designed with built-in pincushion distortion (the inverse of barrel distortion) so that the image used for SFRplus analysis has relatively small amounts of distortion.

You can select pre-distorted charts in the Imatest Store by using the Distortion dropdown menu on a configurable chart. Or you can select the SFRplus Automotive Test Chart.

Unlike standard test charts, SFRreg patterns do not need to be located on a flat (planar) surface. Since Region of Interest (ROI) detection is automatic, they may be positioned where needed.

Obtain eSFR ISO and SFRreg measurements with predefined positions and testing distance. Extruded Aluminum Frame with tools and instructions included, Artograph LightPads included.

Field of View range

  • Normal Distorted: 85-120º FoV
  • Extra Distorted: 120-150º FoV
  • Custom Distorted: up to 160º FoV
  • Any FoV
  • 25-180º FoV at 1 Meter Distance
  • 50-270° FoV at 0.5 Meter Distance

Obtainable Measurements

  • Sharpness and resolution
  • Chromatic Aberration
  • If chart parameters are entered, distortion and FoV are calculated.
  • Color
  • Tone
  • Noise
  • Tilt
  • Rotation
  • Sharpness and resolution
  • Chromatic Aberration
  • Ultra-wide angle
  • Extremely high resolution (>50 Megapixels)
  • Measure sharpness at several distances in a single image
  • Test images at long range using a projection system or a large printed target
  • Sharpness and resolution
  • Chromatic Aberration

Target Substrate

  • Reflective or Transmissive
  • Reflective or Transmissive
  • Transmissive

Target Size

  • 100mm (3.94”) – 1000mm (39.4”)
  • Overall fixture size: 226x156x125cm (89×61.5×49.2”)
  • Center Target: 43.2x61cm (17×24”)
  • SFRreg targets: 15.2×22.9cm (6×9”)


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