Be a part of the Imatest team

Boulder, Colorado – Application Engineer

Imatest LLC is a well-established engineering company based in Boulder, Colorado, that focuses on measuring the quality of digital imaging systems. Our software, hardware, and test charts are used for R&D and manufacturing testing in a wide variety of industries, including smartphones, tablets, medical imaging, automotive imaging, machine vision, and space exploration.

We are seeking a full-time employee whose primary responsibility will be the development of cross-platform commercial software with a focus on image processing applications.

  • Software Development – consultation, requirements, design, implementation, testing, release, support
  • Interface with the imaging science team to develop strategies for efficient implementations
  • Profiling of existing algorithms identifying performance bottlenecks and targets for optimization
  • Parallelization across multiple CPU cores, GPUs or FPGAs to accelerate the rate of computation
  • Optimize algorithms in MATLAB or through external code in python 3, C or C++, optionally using open third-party libraries such as Boost, OpenMP, OpenCV, or similar
  • Integrate with APIs to acquire images from various hardware interfaces and image data sources (frame grabbers, IP cameras, development boards, libraw, libVLC, OpenEXR)
  • Internal and product code-base maintenance and refactoring
  • Investigate and evaluate new frameworks, toolboxes or other technologies for use by the software development team

Your qualities:

  • Ability to utilize advanced methods of accelerated computation including parallelization and GPU-based calculations with Mathworks Parallel computing toolbox, OpenCL & CUDA
  • Python 3, C++/C and Java programming and the ability to learn new languages as needed
  • Web application development; PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL, sqlite3 & JSON
  • Technical writing including LaTeX, including data visualization & interpretation
  • Experience with OOP and testing frameworks in MATLAB
  • Experience with continuous integration tools, e.g. Jenkins
  • Strong desire and ability to improve computational performance by designing optimal mathematical and computational solutions

These qualities are a plus:

  • FPGA Hardware acceleration: HDL, Verilog, Xilinx
  • Project management: Agile, Scrum, etc.
  • GUI development: Qt, GTK, MFC, Swing, etc.
  • Data visualization/interpretation

Company Benefits:

  • Group health insurances (medical, dental, vision)
  • Long and Short-term disability
  • Paid time off and scheduled holidays
  • 401K plan
  • Flexible work schedule

Sounds interesting?  If so, send your resume to