Imatest offers a complete range of test charts to fit any application

Whether you are testing camera phones, HD video cameras, DSLRs, medical imaging systems, or image sensors, Imatest can support your test chart requirements. Automate your testing with the new SFRplus test chart, project the SFRplus onto your image sensor with the Davidson Optronics Optoliner version, compute vectorscope results with the world-standard ChromaDuMonde video test chart by DSCLabs, or select from a complete range of ISO standard charts. No matter which test chart you choose, Imatest software will support it, and it will be manufactured to exacting quality standards.


SFRplus Test Charts

Imatest SFRplus charts speed and automate the testing process. Choose from large inkjet prints, chrome on glass/opal, or special purpose charts that support Davidson Optronicsprojection systems.

ChromaDuMonde Test Charts

ChromaDuMonde’s name says it all (Colors of the World). High performance charts made to the latest SMPTE 274M (ITU-R BT.709) international colorimetry – the perfect choice for use with any television system, anywhere!

ISO Standard Charts

Imatest offers a full range of ISO-12233, 14524, and 15739 test charts, all manufactured to exacting standards.

Other Charts

Imatest offers a wide range of additional test charts. If you do not see one that fits your requirements, please contact us. We can source most existing charts and develop custom charts to fit unique requirements.


Page updated: 2014-06-13