Imatest Studio

Version Comparison

Imatest versions

  • Imatest Studio, with everything individual photographers need to test their cameras, lenses, and printers.
  • Imatest Master, the full-featured industrial-strength version for professionals and imaging system developers.

Comparision between versions

SFR Studio Master
Edge and MTF (SFR) plot check check
Chromatic aberration plot check check
Batch runs (multiple input files)   check
SFR Any Angle: Calculate MTF for any edge angle.   check
Display edge and MTF for R, B, and B channels, in addition to Y (luminance) channel   check
Colorcheck Studio Master
Tonal response and noise analyses for B&W patches check check
La*b* color error and Color analysis check check
Batch runs (multiple input files)   check
User-supplied reference files   check
Noise analysis for R, G, B, C, M, and Y patches; noise spectrum   check
Multicharts Studio Master
Interactive analysis of tones and colors in the 24-patch GretagMacbeth Colorchecker and IT-8.7 charts check check
Analysis of the GretagMacbeth ColorChecker SG   check
User-supplied reference files   check
Special charts: analyze patterns of squares arranged on a circle as well as the Applied Image and ISO charts also analyzed by Stepchart for Imatest Master .   check
Stepchart Studio Master
Tonal response, noise, and dynamic range analysis check check
Batch runs (multiple input files)   check
Tonal response for separate R, G, B, Y channels (figure 3)   check
Density values can be read from a file.   check
Analyzes the Applied Image QA-61 (ISO-16067-1), QA-62, ST-51 (EIA grayscale), and ST-52 (ISO-14524) charts, and the ISO-15739 (Noise) chart.   check
Rescharts Studio Master
SFR Edge and MTF plots, Chromatic aberration plots. See SFR (above) for more details. check check
Log Frequency MTF plot check check
Log Frequency Color moiré plot   check
Log Frequency-Contrast (MTF, normalized contrast, etc.); shows effects of noise reduction   check
Light Falloff Studio Master
Light falloff (luminance channel) displayed in normalized pixel levels and f-stops check check
Batch runs (multiple input files)   check
Light falloff for R, G, and B channels   check
Display dead and hot pixels   check
Histogams for R, G, and B channels   check
Display color shading (color nonunformity of sensor)   check
Noise detail   check
Test Charts Studio Master
SFR Quadrants, SFR rectangles, Grid (for Distortion) check check
Star, Log-frequency contrast/gradient, Zone plate   check
Create Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) charts.   check
Distortion Studio Master
Calculate distortion for 3rd and 5th order polynomial and tan/arctan approximations. check check
Batch runs (multiple input files)   check
Calculate lens decentering   check
Intersection point plot   check
Corrected image display   check
MTF Compare Studio Master
Allows MTF results calculated in SFR and saved in CSV files to be compared for a wide variety of cameras, lenses, and imaging systems.   check
Print Test Studio Master
Print tonal response and gamut in La*b* and xyY spaces check check
Print gamut in HSL representation   check