Imatest Subscription License

In  June 1, 2021, Imatest launched an annual subscription option for our Imatest Master, IT and Ultimate software for both node-locked and floating licenses.

While we will continue to offer the perpetual license type, the new subscription option will be a better fit for the needs of many customers. 

With an Imatest subscription license, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Unlimited access to our recorded Imatest Software Training curriculum
  • An open invitation to join weekly live Office Hours video calls to consult with one of our experienced imaging science engineers. See the schedule and sign up here.
  • Exclusive discount opportunities for our test charts or other products.
  • Access to all new updates and upgrades during the subscription period.
  • Access to all previous releases if an older version is preferred for consistency.
  • Access to Imatest technical support 

Visit our online store to purchase a subscription license for any of our software products: 




Imatest Subscription License Pricing

Software Product

Node-locked License 

Floating License


One year Subscription 


One year Subscription
























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  1. When does my 365-day subscription start?
    1. When you purchase a new one-year subscription license, the subscription begins when we issue the new license.
    2. If you are transitioning from a perpetual license with current Support, your one-year subscription begins when the current Support expires.
    3. If you are transitioning from a perpetual license with expired Support, the one-year subscription begins when the subscription license is issued.
  2. Can I continue using the software after the subscription ends? Without renewing on or before the subscription expiry date, you will not be able to continue using software after the one year expires.
  3. Can I upgrade from a node-locked subscription license to a floating subscription license? Yes, the price to upgrade is the difference in price between a node-locked and floating license, prorated by the remaining time on the subscription.
  4. Can I purchase a multi-year subscription? Yes, the price is the annual subscription rate times the number of years you wish to purchase.