Imatest IT provides a means of automating Imatest’s analysis modules through calls to its API. It is designed for efficiently assessing image quality in testing environments such as production lines or automated test labs.

Engineers use Imatest IT in conjunction with Imatest Master or Imatest IS to specify test settings and establish quality control and pass/fail criteria. These test settings are saved as configuration files and duplicated on production line computers using Imatest IT.

Imatest IT’s core routines do not include a graphical user interface (GUI). To suit the needs of engineers in a production environment, Imatest IT now ships with the Operator Console, a pre-built, ready-to-run C++ application that captures images, tests them, and displays pass/fail results on the screen. The Operator Console is available as an open-source project here, ready to be adapted and expanded to your project’s unique needs.

Ensure that you have consistent test results throughout the manufacturing process. Detect potential quality problems early on, preventing costly loss further down the line.

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