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As consumers move away from using tech specs such as megapixels for understanding image quality, the industry needed to provide a uniform way to communicate and assess image quality.

According to IEEE, the P1858 standard addresses the fundamental attributes that contribute to image quality, as well as, identifying existing metrics and other useful information relating to these attributes.

Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) defines a standardized suite of objective and subjective test methods for measuring camera phone image quality attributes, and it specifies tools and test methods to facilitate standards-based communication and comparison among carriers, handset manufacturers, and component vendors regarding camera phone image quality.

During this webinar, you can expect to learn:

  • An overview of CPIQ definitions, references and more
  • CPIQ test conditions and apparatus
  • Image Quality measurements including Spatial Frequency Response, Lateral Chromatic Displacement, Chroma Levels and more
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