Test Charts

Chroma Du Monde Test Charts

ChromaDuMonde’s name says it all (Colors of the World)

High performance charts made to the latest SMPTE 274M (ITU-R BT.709) international colorimetry – the perfect choice for use with any television system, anywhere!

Multi-Tasking, Multi-Standard Charts!

Whether used in production or in post, new ChromaDuMonde charts generate precise hexagonal-shaped displays for HD, SD and NTSC television images. After gamma is set using the charts’ precise crossed grayscales, colorimetry can be set by positioning the charts’ 24 color signals in their HD vectorscope boxes and intermediate positions. While designed primarily for HD TV calibrated offsets are provided for the purists who want to know the theoretical colorimetric differences between HD and NTSC for example.

    Today’s DPs, producers, digital/special effects technicians and camera operators increasingly view DSC charts as necessities for optimizing their high performance cameras, and the production value of their images. ChromaDuMonde is the latest addition to DSC’s family of production-friendly CamAligns.

  • In Engineering, use ChromaDuMonde to evaluate and adjust a video camera’s color matrix and gamma with a waveform/vectorscope. Charts are especially useful for accurately reproducing skin tones, custom and difficult colors – purple and turquoise, and other colors which occur at prism crossovers.
  • In Production, check and adjust cameras on the fly, and immediately see the effect of any hue changes on surrounding colors. When producing “green screen” and other digital/special effects, ChromaDuMonde charts provide precise information about how camera hue adjustments are affecting the full gamut of color reproduction. Image quality and consistency can be enhanced by recording chart information to tape or film, and using it in post as a baseline production reference. For scene-to-scene consistency, record a few chart frames with every lighting change – to facilitate/expedite color-correcting, matching footage, and digital/special effects. Chart information provides a foundation for users’ creativity and innovation!
  • Choose From Two Popular CDM Models (contact us for others) – all current CDMs feature separation between the grayscale and colorbars suggested by Steve Lucas, plus DSC’s exclusive “watermarked” title and serial number.

    ChromaDuMonde 12+4R

    • Six vector colors, plus six intermediate (between vector) colors
    • DSC 11-step crossed grayscales, 100 IRE white and true black chips
    • The CDM12 model, plus four skin tone patches
    • Hyperbolic resolution trumpets

    ChromaDuMonde 28R

    • Six vector colors, plus 18, evenly spaced, intermediate colors
    • DSC 11-step crossed grayscales, 100 IRE white and true black chips
    • The CDM24 model above, plus four skin tone patches
    • Hyperbolic resolution trumpets

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