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Imatest 2021.1 Release Notes

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Major Features

Improved Display Alignment for Device Manager
Provides enhanced user capabilities for aligning test charts – including crosshairs and grid line display.

Edge tracking during live focusing in Imatest Master
Improved performance and stability when adjusting focus during live image acquisition.

CPIQ v2 Exposure Quality Loss Calculation
Calculation of Exposure Metric which determines effect of over or underexposure on perceptual quality. Available on Colorchecker-24 and Colorchecker-SG charts through the Color/Tone module. Using units of Just Noticeable Differences (JND).

OpenEXR HDR format support
Imatest now supports reading OpenEXR images. This allows customers to use high dynamic range images.

LibRaw Next Generation RAW decoder
The successor to DCRaw offers additional camera support.

Rescharts Focus Score Plus
Enables real-time auto WB, focus, and exposure measurements on any image region.

Minor Features

MacOS Big Sur Support

Allow 16-bit and custom defective pixel entry
Blemish hot/dead pixel thresholds can be changed to allow for 16-bit data.

Improved Speed and Accuracy for Wedge calculations
Wedge calculations have been improved to be faster and more accurate and have improved frequency estimates. 

Additional Data Outputs in JSON files

  • Checkerboard output of detected rows/columns 
  • Color/Tone Module provides output of Chroma SNR and Kelly_Keelan outputs 
  • Output of interpolated MTFs for all ROIs and all color channels in non-SFR runs. JSON fields MTFinterp1, MTFinterp2, MTFinterp3, MTFinterp4 will now have one row entry per slanted-edge ROI, whereas previously each only had one entry which corresponded to the last ROI.
  • SFR MTF interp json outputs are now Row Vectors. MTFinterp1, …, MTFinterp4 fields in JSON outputs from SFR Module in Rescharts will now be a row, instead of a column.
  • SFR JSON outputs are the same as SFRplus
  • Optional output of diffraction-limited MTF (mtf_diff_ltd_freq) to CSV/JSON outputs 
  • SFRplus output of Magnification to CSV/JSON file
  • Color/Tone Module output of CPIQ Exposure quality loss metric

Other Improvements

  • Test charts can generate PNG bitmap files of vector charts.  
  • Uniformity Module 4×6 Grid Selection 
  • Color/tone and stepchart enables user to enter the saturation level instead of being fixed at 255.
  • Improved annotation of saturation in noise plot
  • Checkerboard loosened requirement for dot locations in small images
  • Uniformity/blemish improved hot/dead pixel detection especially for averaged 8-bit images
  • Color/tone annotations remain visible during reloads

Speed Improvements

  • Uniformity displays – slight speed improvement
  • Focus score speed improvement
  • Image acquisition speed improvement