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New Features:

  • Automatic Chart Identification – Imatest will automatically identify the chart type when an image is uploaded, and an image analysis will be recommended, based on the chart type. Read more here.
  • Internationalization on New Main Window – Choice of 5 languages on the Imatest Master GUI: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.
  • New Resolution features to support ISO 12233 standards – New options allow improved analysis with algorithms that use 5th order polynomial fitting and Tukey window for analysis. Documentation for the new ISO 12233 calculations can be found here.
  • RegMark Detection Controls – Regmark detection for SFRreg images is significantly improved in situations of: low-contrast marks, blurry marks, high noise, or small targets. Read more
  • Display Sagittal/tangential MTF data – Option has been added to plot Sagittal/tangential MTF on the the Radial (lens-style) MTF plot.
  • Focus Field Postprocessor – New postprocessor allows user to compare how a lens performs at different distances, by analyzing a batch of files taken at various distances from the target. Find information and instructions here.
  • New Flatfield Target type – Flatfield combines the functionality of Uniformity and Blemish modules into a single analysis of nonuniformity, blemishes, defective pixels, ISO 18844 flare and EMVA1288-based measurements. Read more
  • Changes to Bayer frequency units and labeling – Spatial frequency scaling has been fixed for certain combinations of bayer frequency units and spatial frequency unit selections. The default bayer frequency units have been changed to “cycles per total pixels”. Details here.
  • OCR in Image Statistics – OCR images can now be analyzed in Image Statistics.

New User Interface improvements

  • Tooltips for Analysis types, and Image Quality Factors
  • View full filepath on hover over image filename
  • Improved image preview for multiple images
  • List view for Analysis types

New Data Output Fields

  • New O/P value MTF JSON O/P to be displayed in the units selected in the MTF units “Display options”
  • Clipping % in JSON Output

Deprecated or Changed Features

  • Uniformity and Blemish analysis is now performed using the Flatfield target under the Uniformity/Blemish analysis category.

Known Issues

  • Some strings are still being translated for Internationalization
  • Studio version – Flatfield analysis does not allow user to select plots

Last update 2022-04-20