Version 5.1 has added several new features on top of the major enhancements made in version 5.0. Among the new features are MTF Compensation, Geometric Calibration, and Sony Sensor Image Acquisition.

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MTF Compensation

MTF Compensation reduces the impact of the chart material on measured imaging system MTF. This compensation greatly increases the resolution suitability of test charts, enabling one to test with a lower precision chart or to accurately test at a closer distance where uncorrected MTF results would be degraded.

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Imatest 5.1 - MTF Compensation

Geometric Calibration

Imatest produces a geometric calibration from a projective camera model and images of checkerboard patterns. A geometrically calibrated device provides a mapping between pixel coordinates and real-world position, e.g., for stereo imaging depth perception.

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Imatest 5.1 - Geometric Calibration Screen

Improved distortion calculation

Imatest Checkerboard and SFRplus modules now support an enhanced set of distortion models and provide faster and more accurate distortion coefficient and center of distortion estimations.

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Imatest 5.1 - Improved Distortion Calculation

Temporal noise from multiple files

ISO 15739 compliant temporal noise measurements are now available in Multicharts & Multitest.

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Imatest 5.1 - Temporal Noise Measurement - Multicharts

Sony AYA Image Acquisition

Imatest now supports direct image acquisition from Sony sensor development boards through the Sony AYA software tool.

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Synthetic raw creation/Remosaic

Create pseudo-off-the-sensor data through image processing when the raw information is not available.

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Imatest 5.1 - Remosaicking