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Imatest IT (Industrial Testing)

Imatest™ IT is a set of modules designed to measure image quality in automated testing systems.

IT works in conjunction with Imatest Master making it easy to initialize IT with your desired testing parameters.

With Imatest IT you can use the same mathematical engine
to measure image quality on the manufacturing floor 
that you used in the development lab.     

How Imatest IT works

Imatest IT contains two versions: IT/DLL and IT/EXE. Both versions, described below, have the same functionality as the corresponding modules in Imatest Master, but they operate without user intervention, making them suitable for integration with automated systems. Although IT/DLL and IT/EXE operate independently of Imatest Master, it is strongly recommended that IT/DLL users have at least one Master installation on site to support the process of defining execution parameters and default settings.


Gamutvision block diagram


Imatest IT/DLL is a software library designed for integration with other software systems. Imatest IT/DLL allows developers to access Imatest’s powerful analysis tools via calls to Imatest functions residing in a Dynamic Link Library (DLL).

Imatest IT/DLL is a complete package featuring not only the module libraries, but also extensive support documentation including detailed function definitions and sample code, as well as basic example programs that interface with modules.

As shown in the diagram to the right, IT/DLL takes image files as input, returns customizable test results, and outputs detailed test result files. Imatest IT/DLL is linked to other software programs and function calls are executed to invoke desired image analysis algorithms.

Detailed instructions on using IT/DLL are available upon request.

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Imatest IT/EXE is a set of standalone programs initiated by DOS calls from the test system. IT/EXE modules are represented by the blue box in the figure on the right. The test system interacts with the IT programs through files specified in the DOS command line: the primary inputs are an image file and an INI control file (created and saved by Imatest Master during setup). The output is data files in XML or Excel-readable .CSV format. Figures can be saved if desired.

See Imatest IT instructions for detailed instructions on using IT/EXE.

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Page updated: 2013-11-25