Finding Your Imatest License Code

By E-Mail After Purchase

Your Imatest License Code is sent to you by e-mail after your purchase.

By Running the Imatest License Manager

Start the “Imatest License Manager” from the Imatest program group.  Your license number should be shown at the top of the window that comes up.

In some cases, the license code can be lost from this screen.  In that case you can retrieve your license code through one of the below methods.

By Locating the license.txt File (2020.1 and below)

The license.txt file can be found in the following paths:

  • Mac: /Library/Application Support/Imatest
  • Win: C:\ProgramData\Imatest\license
  • Linux: /var/lib/imatest

By Running the License Advisor (versions built before 2019)

A utility that can retrieve the Imatest License ID.  Run this if you can’t find your license Code using the above methods.

Running the Imatest License Advisor


Still can’t locate your license?

Check with whoever purchased the license to see if they received the license details.

If you still can’t locate your license code, contact and include what you can about the license purchase information.



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