Print and display color

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Note:  Many of Print Test’s functions are now performed by Gamutvision. We may deprecate Print Test in a future version of Imatest. Please let us know if you use it and would like it kept.

Color gamut is the range of colors a display or printer/ink/paper combination can reproduce. It is an important quality factor, though its importance may be somewhat overrated. (This statement is bound to generate controversy.) Relatively unsaturated colors such as skin tones dominate our impression of print quality. Such colors must be reproduced accurately. Gamut affects only highly saturated colors. Overall color response, especially for low to moderately saturated colors, is more important than gamut.

Print color gamut and overall color response are measured by Print Test, along with the density factors described above.

Print gamut is affected by the printer, paper, ink, and working color space. Color response is also affected by the ICC profile and rendering intent. Print Test can help with the selection of profiles, software settings, and the diagnosis of color problems.