Deprecated in Current Release

New XML improvements in Imatest 3.5.1+

This page describes changes in the XML output that occurred as of Imatest version 3.5.1. These changes have been made in order to accommodate the Database for test results.

Naming Conventions

Words will be separated by underscores.
No use of shortened or abbreviated words (such as “corr” for corrected, or “interp” for interpolated). The whole word is now used.
Corrected Data
No suffix on uncorrected data. For data that is “corrected” there should be a “_Corrected” suffix on the end.

XML Schemas for Validation

XML schemas have been constructed for validation of data. The top-level schema for all test results is located in this document:

This main schema document references other schema documents for the actual definitions of each test output, such as:

Part of this is the addition of a XML Namespace for Imatest:

This namespace can be linked in to an XML document using the following attribute:


Secondary Outputs Removed

The secondary output fields were display-oriented and have been removed from the XML. You will find the same fields available in the output, only they will be named what they actually are instead of with an ambiguous name. For example:

Before: <Second_Secondary_Readout_2>MTF20 = 2216 LW/PH</Second_Secondary_Readout_2>

Now: <MTF20_LWPH>2216</MTF20_LWPH>

Restructuring of Channel Data

Prior to 3.5.1, Channel-dependent data would be marked by a _[channel] as part of the field name, such as Edeg_R, Edge_G, Edge_B, etc.

Now, You will find Channel data within a <Channel> node, for example:

<Channel name=”R”><Edge>…

The XPATH for this node would be imatest:Channel[@name=’R’]/imatest:Edge

No more “Selected Channel”

Prior to 3.5.1 certain output would be shown for a “Selected Channel”. For example, the <MTF50> would contain the MTF50 on the selected channel. This concept has been removed from the data output. Instead, you can find this data within all of the <Channel> elements.

Output has been added for MTF20, MTF30, and MTF50 on all channels.

SFRplus Output Changes

Test Outputs Combined

Before version 3.5.1, SFRplus saved individual SFR output files separately. These have been combined into a single XML file. This will include a top level <SFRplus> node that has <SFR>

Addition of Color, Distortion and Stepchart XML output

Data which was previously not being written to XML, can now be found within the <Distortion>, <Stepchart> and <Color> nodes inside the SFRplus XML result file.

SFRplus region tags

A new identifier for SFRplus chart regions has been added to the <SFRplus> of the SFRplus output.