Advances in Testing Infrared Camera Systems

New infrared test charts and analysis software modernize testing of infrared cameras

Once viewed as exotic devices, infrared camera systems have moved into the mainstream in many industries, particularly in security and defense. From night-vision helmets, scopes, and security cameras to ballistic missile tracking telescopes, IR cameras have become as commonplace as they are mission-critical. As with other advanced technologies, quality control is key to successful development and application of IR camera systems, with the quality of the image itself being paramount to most organizations. (more…)

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April 2010 Newsletter

Now Available – Infrared Test Charts

Imatest’s new Infrared SFRplus test charts support testing of visible light through Medium Wavelength Infrared (MWIR). The large charts have a sturdy aluminum substrate and are suitable for outdoor field testing, as well as lab testing. Details here. (more…)

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