Connectivity requirements for online or floating license activation

In order to perform online license activation or to use a floating license, Imatest needs to be able to perform name resolution or connect through a network to the following licensing servers:

Server Name IP Address Port Protocol
login 443  https
license 443 https


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OS X Update leads to License “Already in Use”

When updating to a newer version of OSX, the licensing daemon may need to be reinstalled.

This can be done by:

  1. Accessing the Imatest file downloaded, and rerunning “License Manager Installer.pkg”
  2. Run an offline deactivation, and then reactivate.

If you continue having problems, please contact us at with the issue, and include the offending license number.

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Service file is not current version or does not have sufficient privileges

After upgrading to a new version of Imatest, the following error dialog may be encountered:

Service file is not current version.




  1. Download this file (Service_Installer_node735.exe)
  2. Run the Service_Installer_node735.exe and complete the installation
  3. Re-run Imatest and the problem should be resolved


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Originally licensed on different computer

This can happen when a hardware change such as:

  • motherboard, network card, or hard disk drive change
  • when a virtual machine image is restored
  • On a mac, switching between native boot camp version of windows, to accessing the boot camp partition through a virtual machine software such as VMware Fusion or Parallels

If you experience this error, please contact with your software license number, and we can manually reset your activation.

To prevent this error from happening in the future, you should deactivate Imatest prior to making the hardware or VM change, then re-activate the software.

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