Skype Recommends Imatest For Video Quality Testing

November 16, 2011
January 18, 2016


You can find the latest Skype/Lync standards documents here:


The Skype Hardware Certification Specifications version 5.0 recommends imatest for sharpness testing.

You can find us mentioned on pagees 23, 85, 86

For Acuity testing,¬†Skype recommends our SFRplus test chart, 24X40″, 5X7, semi-gloss, black&white, 2-tone

For >1.5m depth of field testing, Skype recommends our SFRplus test chart, 40X60″, 5X7, semi-gloss, black&white, 2-tone

The skype certification test charts are available for purchase in the Imatest Store.