Activate Imatest (4.2 – 4.4)

Please note: Each Imatest license can be activated on only one computer at a time, but the activation can be easily moved between computers, especially if they’re online. You can install Imatest– and keep it installed– on as many computers as you like (Windows as well as Macintosh– your license is good for both; you never need to uninstall it). To move the activation to another computer, you’ll need to deactivate it on the old computer then activate it on the new one, following the instructions below. You may do this as often as you like.

 How to activate Imatest Software

Activating Online

Activating Offline

Floating License

To transfer activation from one computer to another, you need to deactivate first.

Deactivating Online

Deactivating Offline

Activation Troubleshooting

Locating activated license Installation ID and Computer ID

Using the License Advisor – License problem diagnostics

Knowledge base — contains several additional links to help solve activation issues. Here are a few:

Unknown Error on Software Activation

Updating License Activation Information