Security cameras require testing in a wide range of light levels. They must adapt from daylight to light as low as 0.0001 lux, which might occur in the worst overcast night. They must also resolve detail in mixed lighting conditions that demand high dynamic range performance. Imatest solutions will help you objectively test your camera’s performance to prove that they perform in the most extreme environments.

Image Quality for Security Cameras

With the increasing use of security cameras, including tremendous growth in the consumer market, competition amongst camera companies is rising, so producing the best quality image is paramount.

Image quality factors particularly important for security cameras include:

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Security Camera Image Quality - Image Quality Factors for Security

Light Sources for Security Cameras

We offer uniform light sources and reflective lighting which allows you to reproduce a broad range of illuminants and light levels.

Our most popular light sources for security cameras are:

It is critical to test your security camera in low-light conditions. To increase the ability to test we offer a Low-Light Filter.

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Security Camera Image Quality - Uniform Light Solutions

Wide Field-of-View Test Equipment

Effectively testing wide field-of-view (FoV) lenses, and correcting properly for distortion can be a challenge. Our pre-distorted charts and ultra-wide FoV test equipment will help you overcome the challenges and simplify your testing process. Pre-distorted charts will correct FoV up to 160º. For FoV wider than 170º, use our ultra-wide test fixture.

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Security Camera Image Quality - Wide Field-of-View

Test Charts for Security Cameras

We offer a suite of test targets to analyze the image quality factors most important for security cameras. We produce our targets on reflective and transmissive substrates.

The targets that are most applicable to testing security cameras are:

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Image Quality Test Charts

Standards for Security Cameras

Our software and charts allow you to meet and exceed defined standards. Currently, the most applicable standards for the security camera image quality are:

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Security Camera Image Quality Testing - Applicable Standards - IEC 62676 and ISO 12233:2014