Imatest-Furonteer Geometric Calibration SolutionThe Imatest-Furonteer Geometric Calibration Solution enables companies to understand the images captured from their devices. This solution calibrates as-built camera systems by accurately mapping the pixel position to real-world positions for monocam, stereo pair, and multicamera devices. Imatest combines the analysis software and calibration hardware required for rapid testing in a production line.

Imatest and Furonteer engineers optimize each test setup for your specific camera(s), and actuators enable automated camera manipulation to calibrate camera systems. Our engineers have successfully produced a high-throughput solution for devices with fields of view between 28° and 155°.

Key Features

  • Calculate intrinsics, extrinsics, and distortion.
  • Test single and multicamera systems.
  • Free-space test within minimum focus distance.
  • Conduct tests in 30 to 90 seconds.
  • Calibrate a range of fields of view.
  • Automated testing.
  • Integrated software analysis.

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