How to get support for your image acquisition hardware

Not all hardware is supported by Imatest or Imatest IT’s acquire image routine. In order to obtain support there are a number of possibilities:

1. Implement a standard image acquisition library

The quickest path to getting support for your device within the current version of Imatest is to implement a standard acquisition interface such as DirectShow or GenICam.

2. Integration Consulting

We can add support for your custom image acquisition SDK on a statement of work basis. Contact for a quote.

3. Get Support in MATLAB Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptor

Many of our supported devices are implemented with the Matlab Image Acquisition Toolbox. If you create a MATLAB imaq adaptor a future version of Imatest will be able to load that adaptor from a plugin folder. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.  

You can also request hardware support from Mathworks, but it could be a long process for them to implement your device and release a new version of MATLAB, then for us to upgrade to it.


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Acquiring video from Analog sources

320px-PAL_2_linesImatest is integrated with the the MATLAB Image Acquisition toolbox and can acquire images from a multitude of analog frame grabbers. The following manufacturers provide frame grabbers that support a variety of standard and non-standard analog cameras including NTSC, PAL, RS-170, CCIR, and progressive scan. Please see vendor’s Web site for more details.

Frame grabbers will become part of the image processing pipeline, and therefore could either enhance or degrade the quality of the video signal.  Not all frame grabbers will behave the same. (more…)

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