Applications for Imatest are endless

Imatest software is used in product design, product assembly, and product reviews, as well as acceptance testing, and manufacturing quality control.

Research and Development

Product developers need a fast and reliable way to test various configurations and component settings in order to design a product that meets the needs of the marketplace. Imatest software does the job.


Industrial Testing

Digital imaging system manufacturers produce thousands of products every day – products that must meet customer expectations and exacting quality standards in order to succeed in the market. Imatest IT (Industrial Testing) offers the most cost-effective way to ensure that component assemblies and designs from R&D are delivered in the manufacturing process, and that faulty products are identified and removed from distribution.

Acceptance Testing

Product data from suppliers is often gathered using different labs, charts, methods, and algorithms, making it difficult to compare quality and performance across the supply base. Reliable and consistent benchmarking data comparing supplier products are critical, and can only be ensured when the parameters in the image-quality measurement process are strictly controlled. Imatest software provides this assurance. By adopting Imatest and asking suppliers to specify results using Imatest, many companies have improved quality control and communication of test results.

Product Reviews

Consumer review groups use Imatest to assess the quality of digital imaging systems, from camcorders to DSLRs to point-and-shoot cameras to camera phones. Imatest is now the most widely-used software in the consumer product review industry, and has been adopted by CNET, Consumer Reports, PC Magazine, Imaging-Resource, Reviewed, Digital Imaging Info, MacWorld, among many others. Product reviews are increasingly defined in terms of Imatest metrics, so companies that use Imatest to design and test their digital imaging systems are better positioned to deliver products that receive positive reviews.

Page updated: 2011-10-1