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Imatest Master 3.9

  • Functional Interface for creating settings presets for Lab automation
  • More robust SFRplus automated region detection, improved FOV & tilt
  • Detect bright blemishes, relative defect pixels and perform uniformity calculations with Blemish Detect
  • Test Dynamic range with our new 36 patch chart as well as many new charts added to Multicharts

Imatest Master is #1

Pricing & Purchase

US $2200 Base

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Windows, English

The Master Edition is used around the globe, both to test image quality, and to communicate test results.

  • Master includes the full set of Imatest image quality tests, including automated analysis with SFRplus
  • Master supports nearly every standard test charts, including the Imatest SFRplus test chart.
  • To watch a video of the Master Edition’s powerful SFRplus processing please click here

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Page updated: 2012-12-13