December 2011 Newsletter: CPIQ Dot Pattern, 4:1 Contrast Charts

Imatest Supports I3A Camera Phone Image Quality Standards Imatest now has strong support for I3A (International Imaging Industry Association) CPIQ (Camera Phone Image […]

Skype Recommends Imatest For Video Quality Testing

Update You can find the latest Skype/Lync standards documents here: The Skype Hardware Certification Specifications version 5.0 recommends imatest for […]

Imatest 3.8 Released

Imatest 3.8 was released on May 14th 2011.   Please contact for purchase or renewal information. Here is a complete list […]

Microsoft Lync Logo selects Imatest

Imatest is the standard test software used in the recently published Microsoft USB peripheral requirements specification entitled “Optimized for Microsoft […]