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Default INI Folder

Imatest stores a number of utility files in a directory created upon installation. This location is where the default INI file is stored (users may later redirect Imatest software to source from a different INI file), and thus is often referred to as the default INI file folder.

Imatest needs read/write permission to this directory location at runtime to operate. 

Folder Location

In the table below, <user> indicates the username of the computer account which installed the Imatest software.

Operating System Default INI Folder location
Windows C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Imatest
macOS /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Imatest
Linux (Ubuntu) /home/<user>/.imatest


Finding the Default INI Folder in Master

By default for each of the operating systems listed above, these folder locations are hidden and thus may be a little hard to navigate to in a file browser.

If you are using Imatest Master, one easy way to find this folder location is with the File > Open INI Folder menu selection.

(Note: this only works if you have not re-directed Imatest to point to another INI file in a different folder. If you have, use the main window INI File > Select INI File… menu selection to reset to default location first.)


Folder Contents