in partnership with Aptina Imaging and Omnivision Technology

The Image Sensor (IS) Edition

The IS Edition enables rapid, automatic testing of sensor image quality and subsequent re-configuration of image sensor settings and works seamlessly with Aptina, Omnivision, and Toshiba sensors, loading images directly from each vendor’s sensor configuration packages (e.g., DevWare, DevSuite, OVTA Tool 2009, ImaTuning). Images are automatically loaded and analyzed across a host of digital image quality factors, providing product engineers with information required to properly configure sensor settings. Support for STMicroelectronics sensors will soon follow, making the IS Edition a logical choice for engineers working with image sensors from multiple vendors.

Click here to see a video overview of the IS Edition

Please note: The IS Edition offers all the functionality of the Master Edition along with the ability to read images from image sensors.


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About the Image Sensor Edition

For a guide to getting up and running with the IS Edition, including installation and a walkthrough for communicating with image sensor software packages, click here.

Licensing the IS Edition

For users without an Imatest license: Purchase the Image Sensor Edition.

Existing Imatest Master users can Upgrade from Master to IS Edition.

Page updated: 2012-09-11