Imatest 3.4 with 3D plots released

May 16, 2009
April 8, 2020
Imatest Studio SFRplus 3D plot
  • 3D plots with automatic or manual scaling are available in SFRplus and Light Falloff. These plots can be rotated for improved visualization and offer numerous display options. 3D Fig files should be used sparingly: they’re much larger than PNG image files.
  • A second secondary readout is available in SFR and SFRplus.
  • Color analysis has been added to SFRplus for charts that contain the optional color pattern.
  • Several options have been added to SFRplus: edge cropping, additional edge selections, the ability to select the number of rows manually (useful when the square aspect ratio is not 1:1).
  • Distortion now works with a single edge near the image boundary. Figures can be saved as Matlab Fig files, which can be opened and manipulated in Imatest.
  • The EXIF button in the Imatest main window displays the complete EXIF data for an image file (most formats).

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