New IEEE P2020 Automotive Image Quality White Paper

October 3, 2018
April 7, 2020

Learn more about the development of standards for automotive camera systems.

The IEEE-SA P2020 is a working group for automotive imaging standards. Its goal is to define a set of standards to resolve the current ambiguity in the measurement of image quality in automotive imaging systems. Generally, today’s image evaluation approaches do not adequately address the unique needs of either the human or computer-vision based automotive applications; therefore IEEE-SA P2020 is working with people in the field, understanding the gaps in current standards, and creating a coherent set of key performance indicators by which automotive camera systems might consistently be evaluated.

Our Involvement

Since the beginning of this working group, Imatest’s engineers continue to be heavily involved in the IEEE P2020 standard for automotive camera systems. The two areas of focus are Contrast Detection Probability and Flicker Measurement. We are actively working with major image sensor manufacturers to assess Contrast Detection Probability as a practical test measurement for evaluating the amount of contrast information present at various parts of the imaging chain. Additionally, we are the principal contributors towards the Flicker Measurement subgroup, and are preparing a publication to describe the effect further and why it is an essential consideration for ADAS and automated driving systems.


The Future

There is much to come as IEEE P2020 leads the creation of standards for automotive camera system testing. As automobiles evolve, autonomous vehicles mature, and the car becomes an artificial-intelligence platform connected to everyday life, it will be crucial to adapt and define proper evaluation metrics for the multi-sensor, multi-camera, and multi-application systems on an automobile. The IEEE P2020 working group involves leading camera and sensor manufacturers, leading automobile manufacturers, and leading imaging science engineers, and will leverage all the various backgrounds and experiences to create and adopt this standard for all automobile and part manufacturers. Download the most recent publication below from IEEE P2020.


If you have any questions for us on how this standard can help your projects, please email Ian Longton at





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To stay informed on the work and progress of this standard, you can visit our standards page or look at the P2020 working group site directly.

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