San Jose, CA – Imatest Training Course – August 6-7, 2020

Imatest in San Jose Imatest engineers will visit San Jose, California between August 6-7, 2020 to host a paid two-day […]

Color & density reference files in CSV or CGATS format

Color reference files read by Imatest can be CSV or CGATS format containing L*a*b* color and luminance reference data. The […]

Germany – Imatest Training Course – March 24-25, 2020

Imatest engineers planned to visit Germany on March 24-25, 2020 to host a paid two-day training course to professionals using or considering Imatest software to improve their image quality testing processes.

In light of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, this training course will be held remotely.

P2020 Automotive Engineering Technology May 2019

Imatest attended the P2020 meeting on May 13 and 14, 2019 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Paul Romancyzk, PhD., Senior Imaging […]

Understanding collimator MTF loss using bronze and golden sample testing

by Henry Koren, inspired by Paul Romanczyk, edited by Norman Koren Not all MTF measurement systems will necessarily provide the […]

Imatest will Attend AutoSens Detroit on May 14-16, 2019

Imatest will attend AutoSens in Detroit on May 14-16, 2019. AutoSens is a 3-day workshop, conference, and exhibition advancing the […]

Henry’s Imatest Training Links

Here are Henry’s favorite Imatest Links that he often mentions during the Imatest Training Class: Day 1 Day 2

Test Chart Substrate and Sizing Guide

This guide enumerates the possibilities and constraints of our test charts and provides resolution (MTF) information for the different options. […]

Using Arbitrary Charts for Development of the P1858 Variation Combo Chart

The release of Imatest 5.0 introduced a number of powerful new features, including the Arbitrary Charts module which enables Imatest […]

Imatest at IEEE P2020

Imatest sent two engineers to the IEEE P2020 Automotive Imaging Quality face-to-face meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany this past February in […]

Compensating MTF Measurements for Chart Quality Limitations

Camera MTF (sharpness) measurements are subject to a number of variations, some of which, like noise, are random and difficult […]

Imatest Branded Lightboxes and Light Panels

We are pleased to announce that beginning January 2019, we are offering Imatest branded light panels and boxes. Imatest has […]

Reducing the cross-lab variation of image quality metrics

Abstract As imaging test labs seek to obtain objective performance scores of camera systems, many factors can skew the results.

Partnership with Shenzhen Polytechnic University

Imatest partnered with Shenzhen Polytechnic University to support the digital image quality testing curriculum at the university. With the expansion […]