AR Next Generation Target Version 2

February 23, 2021
June 29, 2022


The AR Next Generation Target, Version 2 is a color reference target for customers seeking the most robust, accurate, and precise color reference target available. Also available with NIST traceability.

Lead time 7-10 days, or 2-3 weeks with NIST traceable measurements.


Our product pricing and shipping rates do not include import duties, taxes or fees. The customer / recipient is responsible for these expenses.


  • Physically robust patches, including the ability to be gently cleaned of dust, fingerprints or other light soiling. A cleaning kit will be included.
  • Color gamut approaches that of Munsell Book of Color (glossy edition)
  • Additional colors emphasize regions of color space found in cultural heritage materials
  • Compatible with FADGI guidelines and most available profiling software
  • Sturdy machined aluminum holder
  • All NGTs are serialized. S/N is on the front face near patches, and appears in the image for the permanent record.
  • Lightweight molded plastic box, with serial number
  • Patch IDs (rows, columns) in white lettering for easy identification in the images
  • Optional NIST traceable calibration (45:0 or d:8)