Custom Reference File

June 5, 2020
February 13, 2023


Have our experts measure and generate custom color or optical density reference data for your new test chart.

As these measurements are taken directly from your test chart, this service is available at the time of purchase. If you already own a test chart that you would like measured or re-certified, please contact for further information.



Get the most out of your new charts by leveraging the professional experience of our Imaging Science Engineers. Imatest Software includes built-in reference data for general use. Due to slight variations inherent to the manufacturing process, we recommend using reference data measured directly from your individual test chart for the most accurate analysis. 

Reference Files are delivered formatted for direct use with Imatest Software. Color References are used for Color Analysis, while Optical Density References are used for Dynamic Range / OECF Analysis.

Color Reference Format: CSV Reference File. One line per patch, with L*, a*, b* values on each line separated by spaces, commas (,) or semicolons (;). Example (first 3 lines of 24):

38.08, 12.09, 14.39
66.38, 13.22, 17.14
51.06, 0.38, -22.06

Optical Density Reference Format: CSV Reference File. One optical density value per line, going from least-dense (lightest) patch, up to the most dense (darkest) patch. Example (first 3 lines of 36):  


If an alternate format is required, please inquire directly via email to with your requested format. Spectral Reference Data is available for an additional fee.