Flash Test System

October 17, 2017
January 3, 2024


A complete Flash Test System for measuring the intensity and uniformity of flash systems in both constant “torch” and flash pulse modes.

The System comes with nine calibrated detectors that can be mounted on any flat metal surface via magnets, thereby accommodating a wide range of camera field of views and test distances. The system can be expanded with additional detectors, if desired.

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• Up to Eight Decades of Light Sensitivity
• Built in 33mm2 silicon photodiode
• Photopic correction filter to match CIE response
• Range: 0.1 lux to 950,000 lux
• Cosine corrected diffuser
• Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C (calibrated light measurement zero-50°C)
• USB: USB2, Including Power, for Single and Multiple Systems
• Size: 76.2mm x 76.2mm x 25.4mm (3″ x 3″ x 1″)
• Weight: 173g (less than 0.5lbs)