Gamma Scientific SpectralLED RS-7 Uniform Light Source

November 30, 2017
June 27, 2022


The latest innovation in uniform intensity light sources. The SpectralLED family of tunable light sources incorporate up to 35 discrete wavelengths for synthesis of commercially available light sources or based on spectra that you import. Gamma Scientific’s proprietary spectral calibration techniques and powerful spectral fitting engine allow for unsurpassed precision and repeatability in the output spectrum, all seamlessly integrated into the unit firmware. The platform is easily adaptable for automated test systems and production line integration, with integrated optical feedback and temperature control to ensure rock-solid stability and consistent results.

Datasheet (pdf) for Gamma Scientific RS-7 Spectral LED products. See details below.



Key Specifications RS-7-VIS RS-7-SWIR
Spectral Range 380nm to 1000nm 900nm to 1700nm
Spectral Output 35 discrete LED channels (Visible resolution ~15nm, NIR resolution ~50nm) 9 discrete LED channels (SWIR resolution ~50nm)
Spectral Bandwidth Typical VIS of 20nm and NIR of 50nm FWHM Typical of 50-100nm FWHM
Illumination Stability >99.99% after 50ms radiance or 2 sec spectrum >99.99% after 50ms radiance or 2 sec spectrum
Illumination Accuracy +/- 1% Absolute, NIST traceable +/- 3% Absolute, NIST traceable
Spectral Accuracy +/- 1nm centroid wavelength +/- 2.5nm centroid wavelength
Color Accuracy CIE 1931 x,y +/- 0.003 N/A

Supported Operating Systems: USB drivers for Windows, OSX and Liunx via FTDI virtual COM port. Legacy RS-232 serial port for integration (no OS required).

RS-7-1 Benchtop 75mm output port with integral integrating sphere 75mm output port, Gold coated integrating sphere
RS-7-2 Large Output Port
Sphere Diameter – Max Exit Port Diameter – # of SpectralLED

           0.5m                     150mm                        1

           1.0m                      300mm                   1 to 4

           2.0m                      600mm                   2 to 8

RS-7-3 Fiber Optic Output One or more fiber outputs with distal end collimation Same
RS-7-5 Baffle Output 150mm output with adjustable f/number of f/1, f/2, f/3 or f/4 Same
RS-7-6 Wide Field of View 75mm output port with up to 180 degree FOV Same
RS-7-7 Light Booth CRI experimentation, analysis & optimization N/A

Key Features

  • Unprecedented Resolution and Accuracy – 35 Discrete LED Wavelengths Covering the Visible and NIR
  • Powerful Synthesis Engine – Quickly Simulate any CIE Illuminant or Macbeth™ / X-RITE™ Color Patch
  • Flexible Interface – Built-in RMS Spectral Fitting for Simulation of Any User Imported Spectra
  • Uniform 75mm Radiance Output Port or Optional Baffle Tube for Irradiance
  • Easily Adaptable – for Automated Test Systems and Production Line Integration
  • Pure DC Constant Current Drivers and Built-in Optical Feedback Photodiode System – Ensure Accurate Output in Real Time
  • On-board Thermal Electric Cooler and Feedback – for LED Temperature Control
  • ISO/IEC 17025 NVLAP Calibration Laboratory (Lab Code 200823-0) – Ensures Superior Wavelength and Color Accuracy

Industry Applications

  • Camera and Image Sensor Calibration (CCD, CMOS, etc.)
  • Ambient Light Sensor Calibration
  • Detector Responsivity
  • OEM Camera Manufacturing
  • Spectrum/Illuminant Simulation
  • Diagnostic Medical Imaging
  • Technical and Industrial Photography

Measurement Applications

  • White Balance
  • Quantum Efficiency
  • Spatial Non-Uniformity
  • Pixel Defects
  • Cross Talk
  • Vignetting Correction
  • Sensitivity
  • Signal-to-Noise
  • Linearity
  • ISO Speed
  • Saturation Exposure
  • Dynamic Range

Find more details including Optical, Electrical and General Specifications:

Datasheet (pdf) for RS-7-1 and RS-7-6 with Wide Field of View.

Datasheet (pdf) for RS-7-2-VIS Large Output Port.

Datasheet (pdf) for SpectralLED® RS-7-3-VIS Tunable Light Source – Fiber Optic Output and SpectralLED® RS-7-7 Tunable Light Source – Light Booth .


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